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Biggest Weight Loss Lies, Myths And Misconceptions – Medical Daily

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Too many weight loss tips telling you what to do and avoid to achieve your body goals have been floating around the internet. This makes information overwhelming, making it hard to know which is proven by science and not. 

You can use the knowledge from online magazines or news sites but there are small things that you might have been doing wrong due to misinformation. And these tiny mistakes might play a bigger role in your weight loss goals. 

To help you shed that extra fat the right and healthy way, read on to see the top weight loss myths that might have been slowing you down. 

Myth: Fast Food Will Always Make You Fat

For dieters, thinking about entering McDonald’s and ordering fries with extra salt is already a sin. But recent reports debunked the claim that all fast food is unhealthy.

Amid the growing health consciousness of people, some fast food companies started to add healthy options to their menu. Some even started to offer only healthy foods, such as Chipotle.

Myth: Carbs Always Turn Into Fat

Many people have been trying low-carb diets because of its benefits that lead to weight loss. However, carbs are not the main cause of weight gain. 

Carbs have been part of the human diet for a long time even before the obesity epidemic started. Whole foods actually contain high amounts of carbs but still remain as very healthy options, according to Healthline.

Myth: Eating Fat Makes People Fat

It is not always necessary to avoid fat from foods because your are getting rid of it in your body. The body naturally needs healthy fats.

Some diets that provide high amounts of fat have been proven effective to help in weight loss. However, you should maintain your calorie intake within healthy range when following a high-fat approach.

Myth: Supplements Lead To Weight Loss

Several studies already showed that many weight loss supplements are rarely very effective in helping cut fats. It is the placebo effect that plays a key role in most people’s diets that include supplements. 

Manufacturers of dietary supplements always recommend following a healthy diet to better enjoy the benefits of their products. This led many people to become more conscious of what they eat, helping them focus on healthy food.

Researchers said that only a few supplements can lead to weight loss. However, in most cases people only lose small amounts of weight even after months of taking supplements. 

Myth: Diet Foods Are Good To Lose Weight

Many food manufacturers endorse junk food as healthy. Low-fat, fat-free or processed gluten-free foods along with high-sugar beverages promise to help maintain a healthy weight.

However, always check the labels of these processed foods. Experts warn that junk food marketers tend to describe their products as healthy despite being linked to health problems. 

How fast people eat their food has been found associated to the risks of weight gain and having some diseases, such as diabetes. Pixabay

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