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What to Do When Depression and Anxiety Mix – 6 Mental Health Tips – Thrive Global

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In this busy world where no one has time to
take care of others, anxiety related disorders are rising. There can be either
personal or professional reasons that can make a person anxious.

Treatment of a person who has such type of
disorder depends on the type of the disorder and preferences of an individual.
The treatment for
anxiety disorders combines different kinds of medication and remedy
for users. Let us learn more about its treatment in detail.

Self-treatment for the
treatment of anxiety

This technique helps in addressing anxious
emotions prior to its development. In such scenarios, a person can effectively manage
their anxiety at the comfort of their home without needing any medical supervision. Only
cases that are less severe can be treated by this approach. Here are a few ways
mentioned that are proven to cure anxiety disorder in this way.

Stress management:

Limit potential triggers via effective management
of stress levels. Always keep watch about the deadlines and pressures. Try to organize
difficult tasks in the “to-do” lists. Take short breaks from time to time in performing
educational or professional obligations.

Relaxation techniques:

Relaxation techniques are another effective
way to reduce anxiety issues. It includes long baths, deep-breathing exercises,
yoga, meditation, watching nature, gazing at sky, etc.

Exercises help in the replacement of
negative thoughts by positive ones. First, make a list of all negative thoughts
that you are experiencing currently and then replace it with positive thoughts.
Picture yourself in a courageous image to successfully face and conquer any
specific type of fear that you are facing currently.


Exercise is one of the highly beneficial
ways to reduce mental stress. When you do exercise, your body secretes feel good
that help in counteracting anxiety and other negative problems. By
performing an active lifestyle and physical exertion can help in enhancing self-image
as well as triggering the surge of chemicals/hormones in the mind that
encourages buildup of positive emotions.

Building your own support

It is advised to communicate to that person
one to one. It can be your friend or a family member. Avoid accumulating and
suppressing feelings of anxiety. By communicating your feelings and talking
them out, you can feel a good amount of relief from it.

Counseling and remedy

If all the above procedures fail to lower
anxiety levels, then there is one more effective treatment available for
anxiety. This is called psychological counseling. This treatment includes
psychotherapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy which is a combination of counseling and

How does CBT function to
reduce anxiety in a person?

CBT is a popular treatment that focuses on identifying
and altering the destructive thought patterns that give rise to anxiety
disorder and bothersome feelings in a person. It limits the level of distorted
thinking and also modifies intensity with which a person reacts to stress
causing conditions.

So, in this way, it assists people in
controlling their mind and body to react under different situations and triggers.
Psychotherapy involves conversing with a skilled mental health professional so
as to work out ways to treat anxiety disorder.


Besides the above treatments and therapies,
there are a few medicines also available in the market that can prove to be
effective for bringing down anxiety.

  • Tricyclics
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Anti-depressants

These medicines need to be taken only under
the supervision of a doctor.


The problem of anxiety has become a lot
common nowadays. Identifying the symptoms of development of anxiety at the
early stages will help you combat it effectively.  Learning about the different treatments for
effective cure of anxiety would help you get quick and long-term relief from

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