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Strongman Terry Hollands Makes Body Transformation for Bodybuilding – FitnessVolt.com

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Terry Hollands was one of the most well-known names in Strongman when he placed 3rd at the 2007 and 2011 World’s Strongest Man competition. He was the UK’s Strongest Man in 2005, Britain’s Strongest Man in 2007, and England’s Strongest Man in 2009. 

But after all of the Strongman success, Hollands saw a big need to make some changes for his health, and apparently his appearance. The British Strongman made a huge transformation but what would be the typical Strongman physique to a bodybuilding physique

He even competed and won a novice show and placed second in a few different categories. 

Here’s a long post from Holland’s explaining his need for a transformation and current goals…

“long post alert ** #transformationtuesday my journey has been probably longer than most people realise. I started losing weight after seeing this pic on the left of myself. I had become a man I never wanted to be. I always said that when being ‘big’ effected my everyday life I’d change it but in all honesty it did go beyond that.

I did what I felt I needed to at the time in a pursuit of being as strong as I could be, this was detrimental to my health and my quality of life but at that time i did not care.

I had terrible sleep apnea and just generally felt like crap on a day to day basis. So here we are less than 4 years later and 12 days out from my first bb show, I have no aspirations to be a top bb nor do I think I look like the norm but I have got myself in a position where if the next 12 days goes as expected I will not look out of place standing there amongst other guys.

I have treated this with the same determination that I did with my strongman and have literally gone through the whole process giving everything I could.

Yes I have a few stretch marks, a bit of loose skin around my love handles and pecs but do you know what, that’s cool its part of my journey.

Now if I can get on stage and not look out of place in the mens open category then I have already won, no matter what happens so long as I look like I belong from where I was I will be proud of what I’ve achieved. .

For all the lovely comments of support I have had you have all made the journey so much easier and enjoyable. To know I have helped inspire others into believing they can also do it to is such a great gift.

Every comment I get from someone struggling with their own goals saying I have helped them literally makes all the sacrifice and hard work worth it and that in turn helps me keep driving forward. I thank you all for giving me motivation in return.”

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