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Are you recently tired or have been stressed out for a long time from work? Do you feel out of focus because of muscle pain and fatigue? If you are looking for a natural solution without the use of medication or an expensive massage therapist, then worry not, because the answer lies to a massage gun from Toro Muscle Recovery.

Why use Massage Gun?

Many professional therapists also use massage guns. They love it because it is easy to use and works quite well. So if you are wondering if you can do it on your own, YES, is the big answer. Massage guns are effective and considered to be one of the technological breakthroughs we have for muscle therapy. It was researched by medical professionals and was highly recommended.

If you have limited time and prefer a hassle-free therapy, then it is best to consider buying a massage gun for yourself. 

How to Get Started

You don’t need to buy a super high-end massage gun, but you have to search for a quality product that has efficiency, great durability, and quite powerful. After searching throughout the Internet, the best-recommended massage gun is the Toro Muscle Recovery

You can buy it on Amazon for about $259, with its median price you don’t have to worry that it will break anytime soon. Design-wise, it is quite simple but worries not, because it works very well, after a few tries it assures you that it will accompany you for years. 

Professional Study Massage Gun

The history of massage gun was built for professional athletes who are in need of fast healing from muscle pain and stiffness. Professionals massage therapists also use it for improving muscle strength, flexibility, and performance.

Research shows that vibration therapy helps with the management of delayed onset muscle soreness or called DOMS. The researchers also conclude that with vibration therapy, it lowers the pain and is effective in LDH after a post-exercise period. Delayed onset muscle soreness is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise

Percussive Therapy for Muscle Recovery

The massage gun is a percussive therapy treatment that helps accelerate the growth of tissues. The therapy helps the tissue repair by providing in-depth, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues. Meanwhile, it also provides stimulation that helps in muscle toning and balance.

Choosing the right Massage Gun

Why choosing the right massage gun is important? Because it affects everything about how fast you can recover to how fast you can improve. Why the Toro Muscle Recovery Massage Gun? Because it offers these benefits:

 4 Types of Power and Speed 

When buying a massage gun, power and speed is the most important aspect that you should consider. You will understand because you’ll have different varying needs from simple muscle relaxation to high intensive massage.

2 Types of Attachment

It’s was nice to have these options to chose from. Generally, you use the circular attachment for regular muscle treatment. While the stick type attachment is for more precise and accurate massage therapy, best to use for muscle close to bony areas such as fingers or spine area.


It is hard to bring something heavy especially when you are traveling. So most people recommend a lightweight type of massage gun, Toro Muscle Recovery Massage Gun is a great example weighing about 2.1 pound.

Battery Life 

Make sure that the battery life of the massage gun you wanted to purchase lasts long enough that it stays functional when you need it most. 

3 Steps how to use Massage Gun:

Now that you have your massage gun or already plan to buy one, it is best how to use it effectively. Using a massage gun is quite easy. 

1.    Aim and shoot-Before you start, always remember to start with a low intensity moving to a higher intensity. The high-intensity right of the bat can lead to more muscle strain. When readily find the stiffness or painful area of the muscle, don’t start in the main area but start a few inches away. Then slowly move to the most severe area.

2.    Do not put pressure into the massage gun but just let it glide through the skin. Repeat this several times, then, slowly adjust adding small pressure at a time.

3.    Once you feel that the muscle already adjusted to the intensity you can let it rest there for a while. Then you can move to the area following the same steps. 

Science Behind Muscle Gun

After a physical ordeal, muscle recovery must be taken into consideration. We should increase blood circulation in the area after pushing ourselves to the limit to promote muscle repair. A balanced routine must include the aspect of recovery. When using a massage gun, it provides a gentle stretch into the affected muscle to enhance flexibility, performance, and physical response. This promoted flexibility will increase the range of movement of muscles and joints.   

Massage guns would also relax thickened connective tissues and will break down internal scar tissues and adhesions. It provides improved circulation in veins and the lymphatic system.   

Rapidly pulsing muscle fibers in a gentle wave of pressure will definitely alleviate the pain.  

Using a massage gun is different from a traditional massage. When using a massage gun, it desensitizes the area of a sore muscle fiber, until slowly, it gradually penetrates the area targeted. Because of this way, we will target specific muscle soreness lessening the pain that comes with it.  

In a traditional massage using a human’s hand, the penetration is just shallow. Since the root cause of the problems are muscles in deeper areas, the traditional massage doesn’t support this. Sometimes, it becomes more and more painful to bear when being addressed later on.  

By increasing the blood circulation and oxygen distribution to other parts of the body, massage guns increase the body’s rate to recover and heal.  

Massage guns are not only good for post-workout treatments but are also used by world-class athletes as a pre-competition warm-up. 

Studies would also support that when using massage guns, muscle fibers are 30-times more efficient compared to a traditional massage. It really works wonders, especially when you are in one position for long periods of time like sitting on your desk at the office.  

Massage guns work both ways for those who are physically active and those engaged in activities or work environments where they get limited physical activity. Either way, a massage gun is a useful tool to change your mood and attitude throughout the day. It uplifts your energy by giving you a relaxed feeling due to the healing procedure going on inside your body when using it.  

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