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Top health tips for Fall 2019 – FairfaxNews.com

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After a summer of scorching heatwaves and flash floods, many people are ready to say hello to Fall. Although it’s one of the easier seasons to weather, you still need to pay close attention to your health. By adopting some of our top health tips for fall, you should prepare yourself for winter.

Top up your vitamin D

When you’re making way for golden trees and cooler weather, the sun cuts back on its hours. After adding sweaters into the mix, you’re no longer topping up your vitamin D levels as you do during the summer.

Because of this, you may want to start taking a vitamin D supplement. Alternatively, you can boost your levels with fortified cereals and oily fish.

Adding more vitamin D to your diet now helps you build healthier bones for the future. Additionally, you may help keep Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at bay, as vitamin D plays a strong role in your mental wellbeing.

Keep the winter blues at bay

Speaking of SAD, fall is the perfect time to start prepping yourself so you can keep the winter blues at bay. If your exercise routine is a little lackluster, create one that’s easy to stick to. You’ll stimulate mood-boosting neurotransmitters and make sleeping easier.

Although the temperatures outside are dropping, try to schedule some time outdoors. If you’re super organized, you can create an outdoor exercise schedule that makes your life easier.

Finally, reach for mood-enhancing foods rather than junk. Maintaining a healthy balance of fresh fruit and vegetables helps to prevent the energy crashes that exacerbate SAD.

Get your flu shot

Flu season soon follow fall and it often happens sooner than you’d expect. If you want to stay ahead of the game, keep an eye on the CDC’s flu monitoring map.

Once fall starts coming to a close you need to organize your flu shots. Again, looking at the CDC’s website will provide you with more information on this year’s strains and available vaccines.

Plan out your social calendar

At first glance, socializing doesn’t appear to have much to do with better fall health. However, as the weather cools, the temptation to spend time indoors grows. One of the negative consequences of this is isolation.

Isolation has the potential to worsen your mental wellbeing now and it may increase your risk of Alzheimer’s in the future. If you’re aware that fall usually signals an increase in feelings of loneliness, now’s the time to take action. Look at local events in your area and plan ahead for Christmas. Try turning toward volunteering opportunities too.

By adopting a healthy attitude toward fall, you’ll make winter more enjoyable. With any luck, you’ll get more out of both seasons.


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