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Jersey Shore star unveils prison body transformation – New Zealand Herald

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“The Situation” is no longer under construction.

After spending eight months in prison for tax evasion, Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino is showing off his broader physique.

“This is what it looks like when you turn a negative Situation into a Positive Situation,” the Jersey Shore star, 37, captioned photos of himself at the gym on Friday after dropping 15kg, according to Page Six.

Sorrentino’s former co-star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi commented on how great the reality star looked: “TEACH ME YOUR WAYS MASTER.”


The MTV star said he woke up at 7am every day at the Otisville federal prison and did cardio for an hour.

He also practised intermittent fasting throughout the day, explaining that he did not eat for 16 to 17 hours during the week and 18 to 19 hours on weekends.

“I had to continually challenge myself, whether it was in the gym, and/or diet,” he said. “I worked out between two to three times per day.”

The reality star said he made sure to work out three times a day especially on holidays because he was “in his feels.”

He admitted it was not difficult to drop the weight because the prison food was “not good” and tasted like the “worst school lunch you’ve ever had.”

The Situation is out of prison. Photo / Instagram
The Situation is out of prison. Photo / Instagram

Despite following a strict meal plan for months, Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren Sorrentino celebrated his September 12th prison release with a pizza party.

On top of the eight months spent locked away, Sorrentino was sentenced to two years of supervised release with drug testing and treatment. The star was also ordered to complete 500 hours of community service upon his release and was hit with a $10,000 fine.

Sorrentino and his older brother, Marc, were accused of underreporting their earnings to avoid paying federal taxes between 2010 and 2013.


The pair were indicted in 2014 on conspiracy charges related to the $8.9 million income.

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