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Best weight loss: One woman used this diet plan to shed nearly 7st – what did she eat? – Express

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Weight loss diet plans come in many different forms so knowing which is the best can be difficult. One woman transformed her life and opened up about the diet plan she used to slim down by a staggering amount. Fiona Cowell, from Liverpool, revealed she was first inspired to lose weight after her large frame threatened to get in the way of her dream holiday. Slimming down from 17st 7lb to a much healthier 11st 1lb, the slimmer shared the diet plan she followed.

While planning the holiday of a lifetime, Fiona, 55, soon discovered she was too big to do some of the activities she was planning.

She said: “My husband and I want to go trekking to New Zealand, climbing its mountains and glaciers, but you can only get to the glaciers by helicopter and I was too big to get the seat belt around me!

“I knew I was overweight and I’d told myself I would lose weight once I’d retired – but then I realised I wasn’t going to have much of a retirement unless I did something about it sooner.”

Fiona piled on the pounds by gorging on sandwiches and curry for dinner and snacking on family sized bars of chocolate.

“For lunch I’d have two rounds of sandwiches with thick wedges of bread and butter, but I would have fruit too,” she added.

“My evening meal was the worst because I’d often have sandwiches when I got in before I had my meal, which would be something like a chicken curry made with paste from a jar.

“I was an emotional eater so depending on how tired I was feeling – or upset or frustrated with work – I’d snack, sometimes eating two family sized bars of chocolate in one go.”

After looking at going on a trip to New Zealand once she retired, Fiona realised she would probably be too big to do all the activities she wanted to and switched up her diet.

The mum-of-two explained: “Thinking ahead to my retirement I started to wonder what I was waiting for. Why lose weight when I retired when I could do it now and get slimmer and fitter, ready to make the most of it as soon as I could?”

By signing up for Slimming World, Fiona started changing her eating habits and cut back on unhealthy snacks.

The dieter began cooking meals from scratch and would eat porridge with fruit for breakfast and salads with chicken or meat lunch and dinner.

Fiona also explained she cut back on alcohol and drastically reduced snacking to help her drop 6st 6lb.

“I feel fantastic. I have taken up yoga at home to calm my mind as well as improve my muscle tone and flexibility, my blood pressure medication has been reduced and I am no longer in pain!” Fiona added.

When trying to lose weight, following a diet plan can be a great way for slimmers to start.

Eating a diet high in healthy fats can help slimmers get in shape quickly.

A high fat plan helps slimmers feel fuller for longer and less likely to opt for unhealthy snacks.

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