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Dr. Nowzaradan of 'My 600-lb Life' Healthy eating, weight-loss tips – Chron.com

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Most successful fast food companies

The United States is a fast-food nation. It is estimated that on any given day, almost 40% of all Americans have eaten fast food in the past 24 hours. And, contrary to common thinking, those with higher incomes eat more fast food.

Fast food offers convenience—instead of having to buy groceries and cook a meal, many find it simpler to just go to their favorite restaurant. While most fast food is eaten at lunchtime, having fast food for dinner is more common than eating it for breakfast. With the advent of higher-quality fast food options, such as Five Guys, Au Bon Pain, and Panera Bread, many people find themselves ordering at a drive-thru or through a food-delivery app.

By design, fast food tends to contain more sugar and fat, so it is typically less healthy than home-prepared food. An interesting correlation is that nationwide as of 2015-2016, 39.6% of all American adults were obese. Since 1975, the number of children ages five to 19 worldwide who are obese increased by a factor of 11. While multiple factors contribute to these statistics, one of the largest is unhealthy eating habits.

To help understand this nation’s obsession with fast food, Stacker compiled a list of the most successful fast-food companies ranked by 2018 U.S. sales, using data from Technomic’s Top 500 Chain…


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