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Tiff Hall flaunts abs, body transformation after pregnancy | Photo – NEWS.com.au

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Fitness expert Tiffiny Hall is usually posting transformation results of members from her fitness program — but this time, she has put herself out there to reveal her personal journey after giving birth to her son.

The former Biggest Loser fitness coach gained 30kg during her pregnancy with son Arnold and felt overwhelmed by being expected to “bounce back” within weeks of his arrival.

Instead, she took on an approach to “bounce forward” and has shared her incredible results.

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The mother-of-one posted two before-and-after photos — the first image showing her at eight weeks post-partum and the second image nine months after giving birth.

“From the outset, I want to tell you that I was no less happy in pic 1 because my body was bigger or different,” Tiff said in the post.

“The only difference between these two pics is the side effect of doing what I love: moving and helping others to move.”

She explained that in the first image, where she is wearing a pink sports bra and tights, she was “breastfeeding, busy and sleep-deprived”.

“And I’m five sizes bigger than my pre-Arnold body — but in this moment I don’t care. I couldn’t be more proud of my body for giving me my son. It was day 1 back at work (I’d been working from home, but this was my first commitment that required leaving the house — any new mum knows this is a big deal!) and Arnold was with me in the studio,” Tiff wrote.

It was also the first time she had returned to exercising where she could only manage five minutes of training with low-impact modifications.

“But my smile says it all! I got it in,” Tiff said proudly.

Tiff previously explained she took it “very slow” after giving birth, which wasn’t what people expected of the fitness expert.

“It could have damaged my business because it changed my image and all that. But I didn’t care. I wanted to rehab my body after the trauma of birth properly,” she said.

The new workout for her TIFFXO members is called Hyper, which focuses on helping women lose weight safely after having a baby — ditching the pressures of “bouncing back” and rather nailing the concept of “bouncing forward”.

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In the second image, Tiff was shooting the new workout videos for her TIFFXO community.

“I built on that 5 minute workout and I’m feeling fit and strong again. I’m still breastfeeding, I’ve dropped a couple of sizes and I’m feeling awesome. It took me months!” she said.

Tiff emphasised again that she “never wanted to bounce back”.

“I wanted to bounce forward. A new mindset of appreciation has helped me take the pressure off how I look and put focus on the power of my body … and nailing that jab.”

The post has clocked nearly 10,000 likes with hundreds of comments from women thanking Tiff for her inspiring words.

“Thank you for your honesty, after my first born I struggled accepting my body changed and then I saw how you where embracing it and it made me change my outlook without you I don’t think I would have got my body back or feel great about just being me. So thank you again,” one Instagram user commented.

“You are dead set legend! You have inspired me so much from learning meditation, listening to my body and of course nailing that power jab,” said another.

“I’m looking forward to bouncing forward once this stubborn boy of mine makes his appearance!” a third commented.

The 34-year-old — who is married to comedian Ed Kavalee — says she’s stronger and fitter than ever before, revealing she’s regained her bikini body and washboard abs by “taking my time” to regain her fitness levels.

“I tell new mums all the time not to bounce back but to bounce forward,” she said. “Your body isn’t the same anymore and that’s OK. Mums need to take time to heal your body and build up stronger.”

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