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Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips That Will Blow You Away – Medical Daily

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It may not look like it, but obesity is one of the world’s biggest leading problems nowadays, at least when it comes to the health and wellness of people. All over the world, people are steadily gaining weight, while some suffer from both psychological and physical problem that has led to obesity.

As a result, the internet is filled with countless advice pertaining to weight loss, from the simplest to the most challenging. Numerous diet plans are being advised, and yet the numbers of people living with the condition are still growing.

So what actually works? Here’s what, according to Britain’s leading experts:

  1. Losing weight is harder for women than men – This is what researchers from the University of Aberdeen have discovered. Per their study, there have been more obese women than men throughout time, showing that it’s biological and not cultural. Furthermore, women’s brains are also wired towards fat. Per the researchers, reducing portion sizes can work.
  2. Supplements can help, as long as they’re the right ones – Countless articles have stated that losing weight should be natural, as supplements never work. Of course, there’s no supplement that can magically burn away all your excess fat. Nevertheless, there are still some that can help make the journey easier since you’ll need all the help you can get.
  3. Smaller plates will help – It’s a no brainer at this point, oversized plates will do nothing to help your waistline. And so, researchers are recommending smaller plates, since they can reduce as much as 527 calories a day, which when added up to a week, is already equal to a pound. Everything counts, remember.
  4. Exercising more won’t do you any good – Less is more, even in exercising, the researchers found. In fact, jogging for three hours is not better than half an hour. To get all the benefits of exercise, jogging for half an hour is already enough.
  5. Protein – The biggest challenge with losing weight is hunger, and protein can help fix that. Per research, protein makes you feel full longer, and eating protein-rich foods can help stop cravings while also benefitting your body.

Full time parents, a busy corporate life and too many assignments from school are among the factors making it difficult for some people to stick to a conventional workout plan. Pixabay

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