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Here are tips that you must follow for a healthy lifestyle – Republic World – Republic World

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Your mindset and approach to life are known to have an effect on your health. Accidents are uncertain and fall beyond your control. Although a positive thought process to overcome these accidents is what you can garner through sustainable self-control and consciousness. To win a fight, in reality, you first have to win in your head. Just like that, you can heal from the ugliest diseases only if you provide yourself with willpower and a steel strong determination. Your mental equilibrium is susceptible and affects you through all walks of life. Optimal health care comes with optimal mental care. Problems like depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia are mental illnesses that result to decline in health and physical fitness. A mere mood swing can consequently result to fall in appetite. Make sure to protect your mental health. Begin with thinking more positively and have an “I’ve got this” attitude.

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Here are 5 tips that shall help you stay in the pink of health


A well-balanced diet should be your utmost priority no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead. A balanced quantity of all nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, fibre and vitamins must be intaken. Every food item that we consume consists of varied composition. These constitute different levels of nutrients. While consuming food, you receive about 50 essential nutrients for growth. Insufficient quantities of food or low caloric food can result in malnourishment or a fall in the immune system which makes you prone to multiple diseases. A healthy diet is an important tip for a healthy lifestyle.

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Exercising every day is indispensable for good health. Your weight can be controlled through a disciplined exercise schedule. And hence, you are less likely to fall prey to illnesses related to obesity. Low blood cholesterol pressure can be achieved through timed workouts. Period pain is reduced drastically through exercising. Your overall physical development takes place and you have stronger bones, your muscle strength is increased. Absence of physical activities can lead to frequent palpitation, heart problems, diabetes and other devastating heart problems.

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An orderly sleep schedule is extremely important for an individual’s well-being. Lack of concentration, frustration, restlessness, etc is all caused due to lack of sleep or sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation can lead to a decline in mental health. It can make you p[rone to heart problems, frequent headaches and other illnesses. Your insulin level and immunity system are also affected by your inefficient sleep schedule. When you’re asleep, your body repairs damaged cells and that’s when most growth-oriented activities take place. According to health reports, Sleep deficiency shoots up your level of ghrelin and your level of leptin goes down. You feel hungrier more often and often find yourself feeling exhausted.

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Sufficient water intake is important for good health. Water helps you digest the food consumed better. Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently if you are hydrated. Dehydration leads to sunstrokes, dryness of the mouth, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.

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A good balance between your professional, personal and familial life is an optimal tip for healthy living. Healthy relationships are important for healthy living. Being under stress all the time can lead to a decline in health. You must also inculcate good habits and give up on bad habits that abstain you from staying in the pink of health.

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