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Weight loss diet: This plan can help you burn fat fast – the common mistake you must avoid – Express

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Weight loss is a goal of many people and a good diet plan will help many slimmers get into shape. If hoping to tone up the midriff, one plan could help dieters burn fat quickly. Following a low carb and high fat keto diet plan, slimmers can boost the metabolism and get into shape. However, there is one common mistake people make which could stop them losing weight.

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When following a keto plan, dieters must look at different food groups and how much of each they are eating, Suzannah Robin, nutritionalist, told Express.co.uk.

She said: “It has been heralded by keto enthusiasts as an extremely effective way to lose weight, achieve a better physique, and even get rid of cellulite as well as increase energy levels.

“It is based on splitting daily calories between fat, protein, and carbohydrates with an emphasis on fat intake and a limitation on carb consumption.”

Keto fanatics will keep their carb intake low and many will try and eat less than 25 grams net carbs each day.

This means ditching high carb foods such as bread, cakes, sugary treats and high sugar fruits. 

Instead of filling up on these carby treats, slimmers can opt for foods which are high in fat and have a moderate protein content.

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Suzannah said: “Some foods are considered to be essential to the keto diet such as seafood and shellfish, cheese, avocados, meat and poultry, eggs, greek yoghurt and cottage cheese.”

However, she explained the diet may not work for everyone in the same way and dieters need to see how it works for them.

“Each person will react to foods in different ways, losing weight and burning fat at different rates,” she warned.

“This means understanding how your body is burning fat is really useful when it comes to following a keto diet.”

Some dieters may stick to the plan to try and get the best results, however they should be careful as this will not necessarily work for everyone. 

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