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5 things to know for November 7: Mexico massacre, Airbnb, impeachment, HIV – CNN

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1. Mexico massacre

Over 48 hours after three American women and six children were slaughtered in broad daylight in Mexico, the nation’s authorities have not identified who fired the 200 shots and now say the only man arrested is not involved. US and Mexican officials also appear to have different theories on who’s responsible. In Mexico, a local attorney general says he believes it’s a newly formed Los Jaguares cartel, an offshoot of the infamous Sinaloa drug cartel. But a US official blamed it on a rival cartel called La Línea. Investigators are sifting through ash, bones and a gutted car to piece together what happened Monday on a rural road in Sonora. Eight kids survived the massacre.
Airbnb is taking action after an investigation uncovered an intricate scam that allowed a person to put up phony listings and fake reviews on its site. The company says it’ll review each of its 7 million listings by December 2020 to vet the accuracy of photos, addresses and listing details, as well as to inspect for standards such as cleanliness, safety and home amenities. Just last week, five people were shot dead at a Halloween party in an Airbnb rental in Northern California, and the company said it’s cracking down on unauthorized parties.

3. New HIV strain

For the first time in nearly two decades, scientists have discovered a new strain of HIV. The virus that causes AIDS has different strains, and it has the ability to change and mutate over time. This is the first new strain identified since the guidelines for classifying subtypes were established in 2000. About 37 million people worldwide are living with HIV. Identifying a new strain provides a more complete map of how the virus evolves, says Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

4. Ukraine inquiry

President Donald Trump asked Attorney General William Barr to hold a news conference in September and publicly declare that he broke no laws during a call with the Ukrainian leader that is now at the heart of a Democratic impeachment inquiry, The Washington Post reported. Barr said no. Trump has told aides he wishes the attorney general had held the news conference, according to the paper. But even without a news conference, the Justice Department announced that prosecutors had found no wrongdoing by the President, at least as it relates to campaign finance law. Meanwhile, former National Security Adviser John Bolton is scheduled to appear today on Capitol Hill for a deposition in the inquiry, but it’s unclear if he’ll show up.

5. Slain couple

A man has been arrested after a New Hampshire couple was found dead and buried in the sand on a Texas beach last month after missing for 10 days. Adam Curtis Williams was taken into custody in Mexico on a felony theft charge after authorities released a photo of him driving the couple’s truck. Investigators want to talk to a woman who was seen on the surveillance video in the passenger’s seat of the truck, and she could be extradited to the US, police said.


Millennial fights back
A lawmaker was heckled in the New Zealand parliament by an older politician. “OK, boomer,” she fired back, harnessing the power of a viral meme.
Student of the year
A 9-year-old Florida boy offered to give his teacher a pay raise with his $15 birthday money. Who’s cutting onions around here?
Whatever it takes
Astronaut Andrew Morgan voted from space in the Pennsylvania election. Think about that the next time you want to sleep in on Election Day.
Elsa is growing up
The “Frozen 2” soundtrack has some bold music choices. Panic! at the Disco is one of the bands getting in touch with their inner Elsa in the new sequel.


“That photo and me getting unjustly fired from my position at work kicked off my drive and kicked off my desire to become active politically. That day that I got fired, I went home and signed up to work the polls.”
Juli Briskman, the cyclist who was fired for flipping off President Trump’s motorcade in 2017, after she won her bid Tuesday for local office in Virginia


The number of pounds of chicken products recalled in eight states over fears of foreign matter contamination



Thanks, but no thanks
Kids try out years of fancy foods — and they’re not impressed. (Click to view.)

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