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Milind Soman has top 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle. How many of these do you follow? – India Today

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Former supermodel and actor Milind Soman has been constantly raising the bar for fitness, inspiring thousands of people across India with his determination, dedication and resolve to stay healthy no matter what the situation. Whether it’s going for a run in minus degrees or opting for healthy snacks, even at 54 Milind Soman is an inspiration to many. So, if you are trying to lose weight or just aiming for a healthy lifestyle, learn from the best as Milind shares his top 5 fitness mantras.

Start your day with nuts

The actor starts his day by eating a handful of nuts every day. He says, “For me, almonds have been a preferred pre-breakfast snack for years now as they are a good source of essential nutrients like, protein and vitamin E which are good for health. Along with that, nuts provide energy, which helps me kick start my day.”

Embrace positivity and train your mind to be fit

Milind says, “I firmly believe that we are never too old to start or learn something new. I started endurance running only in 2003 when I was 38 and I haven’t stopped since. More than the physical fitness, for me it is about believing in yourself. It’s about dealing with life in a positive way, learning positive lessons from every experience and situation. When you take up any kind of exercise or activity, at any age, start slow – understand and accept how your body and mind respond and move forward accordingly. Whether you choose to practise yoga, run, swim, cycle, or hit the gym, use all exercise or activity to make your mind strong and balance your mental health.”

Make conscious lifestyle choices

“Beyond dedicating a few hours during the week for some form of physical exercise, it’s also important to make conscious lifestyle changes. Opt to take the stairs whenever you can instead of the lift if you need some groceries, walk till the store instead of taking your car, cycle to nearby distances whenever you have the time and choose healthier snacks like almonds, makhanas or seasonal fruits whenever you are hungry between meals. As a habit I cannot sit still for long durations, even on a flight, I prefer to get up, walk around and stretch my legs. Begin by making these small changes to your lifestyle to see the difference,” said the Padmaavat actor.

Stay well-rested

Diet and sleep habits are not just essential to maintain your health but also extremely important to get results from your regular workout sessions. For me, getting the right amount of sleep is my number one priority. In today’s world where we have so many screens around us, many find it difficult to let go, switch off and sleep. But it’s very important to build this discipline in your lifestyle and give your mind and body the rest they require, to be able to perform to their best potential,” says the fitness enthusiast.

Quit smoking

Milind who used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day said, “I know how hard it is to give up smoking. But I’m also someone who’s done it and knows from firsthand experience that it’s totally worth it. Smoking impacts your stamina, the way you think and the extent that you can truly live. And I realised this once I started running. It took me 3 years, but I kicked the habit. For me, procrastination worked. I would just postpone the urge to smoke for some time till the urge went away and eventually I stopped. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s trying to quit.”

How many of these do you follow?

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