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Weight Loss: Here's How Eggs Can Help You Lose Weight; Know The Right Way To Consume Eggs For Weight Loss – Doctor NDTV

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Weight loss: Eggs can be a perfect part of your weight loss diet. It is low in calories and rich in protein. Eggs are rich in other essential nutrients as well. Here’s how eggs can help in weight loss and also know how many eggs you must consume.

Weight loss tips: Eggs can keep you full for longer and help you lose weight


  1. Eggs are a great source of protein
  2. You can add boiled egg whites to your weight loss diet
  3. Eggs will also help you control your appetite

Trying to lose weight this winter? You must add egg to your diet. Eggs are known as the one of the best foods for weight lost. It is loaded with properties beneficial for weight loss. A boiled egg is low in calories and loaded with protein as well which supports weight loss. Eggs can be also be consumed in various ways to reduce weight. Consuming eggs will also keep you full for longer and make you eat fewer calories. You may also experience better metabolism which can boost weight loss process. So what are you waiting for? Add eggs to your diet for better weight loss. Here’s some expert advice about how eggs can help in weight loss and how to consume it.


Weight loss: How eggs can help in weight loss? What is the right way to eat eggs?

Dietician Neha Pathania explains, “Eggs are high in protein. Protein-rich foods increase metabolism and thus egg helps improving metabolism and weight loss. Eggs are a better source of protein as compared to milk, paneer among others as it doesn’t have carbohydrates and thus making it the right option for weight loss. 2-3 boiled egg whites are recommended with the Indian diet. However, fried eggs aren’t recommended as the intake of oil will add more calories to your diet. The best part of the consumption of egg is that there is no such right time. It can be eaten any time of the day according to one’s 24-hour diet recall. People who are health conscious or on diet can incorporate eggs according to their calorie intake at anytime of the day.”

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Weight loss: Adding eggs to your diet can help in effective weight loss
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Shalini Garwin who is a dietician also explains, “Eggs can be used in weight loss because eggs are a rich source of protein and don’t have carbohydrates. Usually, carbohydrates are cut down from the diet of those, who are on weight loss regime. Eggs are used as a source of energy and so that the body starts consuming the body fat for more energy. But that doesn’t mean one can have as many numbers of eggs. A normal person can consume 4 egg whites in the whole day. If consumed fried or scrambled then it is recommended to have it made in non-stick pan with very less or no oil. We recommend that one should consume egg either at breakfast or dinner.”

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(Neha Pathania, Dietician, Paras Hospitals, Gurugram)

(Shalini Garwin, Dietician, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram)

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