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Daily Harvest is healthy eating for the on-the-go lifestyle – Boing Boing

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Who are these people that have time for a job, social life, and actual healthy meals? With a nutrition segment on seemingly every talk show and entire networks devoted to food, it can sometimes seem like we’ve never left our mother’s house and her constant admonitions to “eat your vegetables!”

And okay, she was right. But things were a lot easier when she was feeding them to us. Being an adult requires buying these things, planning your meals for the week so they don’t go bad, and (worst of all) actually cooking them.

Which is why we turn to takeout, let’s face it. But Daily Harvest might just be the thing that slowly replaces it – or at least relegates it to the occasional guilty pleasure it should be.

We’ve all heard of those meal deliveries that show up at your front door, ready to cook. And while some of them may indeed be healthy, Daily Harvest does them better by actually being easy to make. Everything is perfectly portioned and takes one step to prep. Like, five minutes or less kind of easy.

Setting up a plan with Daily Harvest takes about as much time as prepping one of their meals. You can pick from Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash harvest bowl, Cold Brew + Cacao Smoothies, Pumpkin + Chai Oat Bowls and over 65 more items, all made using organic frozen fruits and vegetables picked at their peak to lock in freshness.

Once they arrive, stick them in the freezer and heat them up or blend them as required. Either way takes just minutes, and the smoothies don’t even require any extra ice.

They’re the kind of meals we’d normally scour Pinterest to find, and they’re all ready-made to eat on the fly. Want to give it a go? Right now, Daily Harvest is doing a deal for $25 off your first box. Just use the code FOOD25.



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