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Health tips from Maria: Here's permission to enjoy the holidays, and how – GreaterMoriches

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I hear a lot about guilt this time of year.

I cant have those cookies. I cant come out for drinks. I need to work off this treat.

All I have to say is you have permission to enjoy the holidays.

Yes, you can have that cookie, that drink with co-workers, that cupcake your loved-one baked and not feel guilt or calculate how many treadmill minutes you need to do tomorrow.

And you can do it all while feeling good. Here are three quick tips:


Hydration: You can fall behind on being hydrated if you’re having treats and drinks — as well as the heat being on. Being hydrated keeps your body and digestive system working full force. I suggest you drink 1/2 to 1 bottle of coconut water a day. This water is very hydrating and my favorite brand for that is Harmless Harvest, which is found at Stop and Shop and Whole Foods.

Probiotics: Having all the little digestive soldiers you need will help break down those treats. You can take a shot of apple cider vinegar added to a 6 oz cup of warm water (taking the shot straight up is bad for your esophagus). Many houses already have this in their pantry You can also take Culturelle probiotics. They even make them in gummies. Found in most stores.

I currently take GOLI gummies. They are acv gummies that taste great and can be found on Amazon. (But they take awhile to ship).


Keep on your routine. There is no need to calculate how many minutes of cardio it takes to burn a cookie. Keeping up with your routine keeps your muscles toned and growing and in turn keeps your caloric burn, well, burning!

If you are not on a routine you can start one! It can be at home just following one of my YouTube or Instagram workout videos, or finding a home workout that you can do. (Scroll down for one!)

Being active daily (from stretching to walking to yoga to dancing to low impact to high intensity to lifting) is going to benefit you, and should never be used as punishment or bargaining chip.


Make sure your other meals during the day are nutrient-positive. That means eating your veggies, having the proper amount of protein fats and carbs. I’m talking protein like eggs, chicken breast, lean ground turkey and fish. Fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts. Carbs like basmati rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, sweet potato and all the veggies.

Enjoy the parties and make all the memories. Live balanced, 80 percent feed your body and 20 percent feed your soul. Happy Holidays!

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