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Calum Scott’s latest body transformation has everyone feeling parched – Queerty

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Singer-songwriter Calum Scott has been working on his fitness and it shows.

The Britain’s Got Talent alum just shared his latest body transformation photos with his 720K followers on Instagram. In the caption, he explained that his weight often fluctuates, mostly due to his fondness for wine and carbs.

We can definitely relate.

“Progress pictures whilst on tour 2018,” Scott wrote. “This year I am going to push myself harder than ever before.”

The 31-year-old continues, “I always yo-yo with my weight because I love wine and carbs but I learned that that’s ok. It’s about making sure you train hard and eat well, then the treats are well deserved. Who is getting fit 2020?”

We’re guessing Scott’s latest transformation is going to increase the number of tap he gets on Grindr exponentially. In the past, he’s talked about the unique struggles of being a celebrity with a dating profile.

“People think I’m a catfish!” he said. “‘It says on my bio ‘I’m not a catfish. This is me.’ They say: ‘That’s what a catfish would say.’ I can’t win!”

“How do you prove it’s you!?’ I was on [celebrity dating] Raya platform. I was like ‘This feels too exclusive. It’s industry.’ I’m a lad from Hull! You have to be voted in, and that whole process is just a bit [pulls a face]. It didn’t last for long. I’d rather be on Tinder, which is there for everybody, people as normal as me! People should know, I’m swiping.”

Scroll down for more pics from Scott’s Instagram page…

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