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Weight Loss: Want to shed extra fat? Add THESE two food items to your diet – PINKVILLA

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Weight Loss Tips: Follow this tried and tested tip that will help you to reach your goal faster. Read on to know more.

Cutting down extra fat can be tricky and hard as there are a lot of factors involved. However, with the right diet and exercise regime, you will soon march on the path of weight loss journey and reach your destination. And the good part is that there are tried and tested tips, tricks and hacks available that will help you to reach your goal faster. Today we are talking weight loss friendly food items-Oats and Rye Bran. Yes, their consumption will help you to gain nutrients and lose extra fat. 

As per a new study by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Hong Kong, the dietary fibre found in both oat and rye bran can reduce weight gain and hepatic inflammation by increasing the growth of beneficial microbes in the intestines.  The consumption of oat, rye and other whole-grain products have been studied deeply and they found that they indeed lead to decreased inflammation, improved glucose, lipid and adipose tissue metabolism.

These food items also help to reduce the risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes among others. For the study, researchers fed mice with a high-fat western diet for 17 weeks. Two groups were fed the same diet enriched with 10% of either oat or rye bran. The researchers focused on the gut microbial metabolites relevant to the development of fatty liver disease (which is often linked to obesity). 

The study which was published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research concluded that both bran fibres improved gut integrity and reduced liver inflammation. Moreover, both oat and rye supplementation reduced the weight as well. We have been using grains since time immemorial, however, we use the refined ones which lead to health issues like obesity and inflammation. And that’s why one should opt for whole grains.

They are packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein among others. Speaking of health benefits, they help to lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart-related issues, relieves constipation and reduce high blood pressure among others. Some researches have also stated that whole grains can even prevent cancer.

Oats and rye bran recipes

There are several recipes one can prepare from oats. Oatmeal, overnight oats, oats upma, oats based idli, dosa, uttapam, cheela, porridge, smoothies, pancake and soup among others. One can prepare bran muffins, raisin bran cookies and granola. You can also add a spoonful in dishes like stews, casseroles, soups, and more for added fibre. 


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