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Secret herbs for weight loss & complete detox – Times of India

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Guggul is not exactly a herb, but the resin of a small thorny tree and is loaded with various health benefits including weight loss and cholesterol management. In a review by Journal of Ayurveda & Holistic Medicine, Guggul was found to be of significant help in the treatment of obesity by providing antilipidemic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to the system. It also lowered cholesterol levels in adults who took 2160 mg of Guggul capsule every day. The herb was found effective in triggering breakdown and instant death of some fat cells, thus effective in fat loss. Due to its bitter taste, very few people prefer to have it in their detox teas. However, Ayurvedic culture recommends tasting the herb for best effect. Guggul powder is available for those who don’t mind the flavour. You can make your own detox drink by combining it with either water, milk, honey or ghee. Guggul is also available in capsule form. Do not exceed the dosage of ½ tsp per day in powdered form or as per package instructions to avoid any side effects.

Note: The above should be taken only in consultation with your physician.

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