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Gregg Wallace reveals 'almost six pack' following dramatic body transformation – Smooth Radio

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26 August 2020, 10:53

MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace shows off body transformation and “almost six pack” on social media.

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The MasterChef presenter has shedded four stone after taking on a healthier lifestyle.

Gregg Wallace has flaunted his “almost six pack” on social media after his incredible body transformation.

The 55-year-old TV presenter has embarked on a rigorous health and fitness journey and has lost four stone.

“Lose some weight – get fitter – feel great – we can do this,” he captioned the Instagram post.

Gregg Wallace shows off his "almost six pack" on social media
Gregg Wallace shows off his “almost six pack” on social media.


“I’m 55 years old and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been,” he told Hello Magazine.

The star revealed that it was health fears that prompted him to change the way he was living.

“I was scared because my doctor told me that if I didn’t change things I was going to die because my cholesterol was so high.”

But he added: “We’ve got to live right – there’s no way I’m going to the rugby and not having a pint of beer. It would be like washing my feet with my socks on. It just isn’t going to happen.”

Wallace has launched a new website, Show Me Fit, which is dedicated to weight loss and fitness.

Subscribers can pay £7 a month to access weekly meal and exercise plans to help them work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Along with his website, Gregg has also created a separate Instagram account to document his journey and share his successes, and those of his followers too.

“I was known as the fat, pudding-loving man on MasterChef but now I can inspire people by saying, ‘Look at me, it’s never too late’,” Wallace told The Sun.

“I used to like us going out at weekends and I’d take us to a cafe for a fry-up breakfast, then for a curry for lunch and fish-and-chips for dinner.”

But now, following his dramatic lifestyle change, he said: “I feel better in my body now than ever.”

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