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Love Island Star Curtis Pritchard Unveils Body Transformation & Thanks Fat-Shaming Trolls For Motivating… – Capital

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4 September 2020, 12:04

Curtis Pritchard has slimmed down since Love Island.

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Curtis Pritchard has thanked trolls for fat-shaming him, after their comments motivated him to lose weight.

Love Island star Curtis Pritchard, 24, has been open about how he gained weight while in the villa last year, but in recent months he’s slimmed down and hans’t stop showing off his sick pack.

Curtis – who split from Maura Higgins earlier this year – said his incredible weight loss was motivated by the cruel comments from fat-shaming trolls, telling Metro.co.uk he wants to tell them: “Look at me now.”

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The ballroom dancer said he received an influx of nasty comments about his body while in the villa, and the trolling continued once the show ended.

Curtis Pritchard can't stop showing off his chiselled abs
Curtis Pritchard can’t stop showing off his chiselled abs.

Curtis Pritchard/Instagram

Curtis Pritchard said he put on weight in Love Island
Curtis Pritchard said he put on weight in Love Island.


Curtis has now joined Weight Watchers, which he credits for giving him the focus he needed on his diet and fitness.

He told the publication: “I’ve always been focused on my diet and body. I haven’t always been focused on it in the correct way, that was the problem.  

“And then going into Love Island, putting on a lot of weight and coming out again and being fat-shamed, it was really the perfect time to become an ambassador for Weight Watchers and join the family.”

Taking aim at the trolls who criticised his body, Curtis added: “On a truthful note it isn’t nice to say something nasty about someone. It isn’t nice to do and be on the receiving end. But you know what, look at me now.”

Curtis Pritchard thanked trolls' fat-shaming for motivating him to lose weight
Curtis Pritchard thanked trolls’ fat-shaming for motivating him to lose weight.

Curtis Pritchard/Instagram

“I’m so positive and confident in how I look and feel now, I thank them for what they did because they really made you focus and this relationship came together with Weight Watchers.”

Despite being able to transform his lifestyle, Curtis said he “wouldn’t wish [the comments] on anyone.”

With his new found confidence, Curtis has been showing off his six pack frequently on Instagram.

On a recent holiday with brother AJ, Curtis made sure to share his topless figure almost everyday on social media.

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