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Former WWE Superstar Miro Goes Through Insane Body Transformation for AEW Debut – Sports Grind Entertainment

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AEW Dynamite made a huge impact yet again with stellar content. The promotion gave us the gold of Miro making his AEW In-ring debut. 

The match kicked off the episode, and fan reactions went sky-high. Miro managed to make a statement with a dominant display against opponents Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss.

However, the major talking point other than a perfect performance was that Miro looked like an absolute tank.

Seeing him shirtless for the first time in a long time really did make a huge impact. Miro had surely been working out a lot.

An impressive physique paid off in his debut as he completely outmuscled his opponents. In reality, Janela and Kiss stood no chance against the Bulgarian.

As Rusev in WWE, he had a great physique as well. Acting as a Russian giant, Rusev took the main roster by storm and assumed a political stance.

However, he couldn’t really make the impact he was capable of. Poor booking and subsequent main event losses saw Rusev lose his approval ratings.

The popular “Rusev Day” gimmick was also pushed down, preventing the Superstar from prospering again.

Earlier this year, Rusev was released by WWE as part of the pandemic budget cuts. He maintains his better relationship with the company to this day.

Hi, My Name is: Alexander Rusev (and Lana) - Cageside Seats

The Miro that we saw today was a lot more purposed and driven. His body was extremely defined and we can definitely expect this man to compete for the AEW Championship soon. He may just win it as well.

The major difference I saw in Miro’s physique was that his shoulders were like boulders. As Jerry Lawley once described Vince Mcmahon, he looks like one of those men from those Hercules movies.

Axed WWE star Rusev shows off body transformation after bulking up as he  waits for non-compete clause to expire

Axed WWE star Rusev shows off body transformation after bulking up as he  waits for non-compete clause to expire

His broad chest also was a lot more defined. The perfect shape that we saw today was almost pure muscle. Miro has cut out all the extra fat and looks better than ever.

With a unique gimmick and an ominous physique, we can expect the best from Miro in AEW. He has never disappointed us either, and I don’t think he will start now.

The excitement levels went through the roof during the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. Former WWE Superstar Miro made his much-awaited in-ring AEW Debut and made a huge impact.

Miro debuted alongside Kip Sabian, as they took on the popular team of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela. The team put on a good fight and took the opponents to the limit.

Miro showed us just how good a wrestler he is. The Bulgarian put on a very dominant show and established himself as a powerhouse. 

Formerly known as Rusev, the big man nearly had an injury scare. As he got over the top rope by Janella, he landed straight on his feet and began limping immediately. However, he soon snapped out of it and continued the fight. 

Before long, Sabian and Miro took out the team on the other corner and had the upper hand. Janela tried turning the tides once again but was taken out of the equation in the process.

Catching Sonny Kiss at an undesirable position, Miro immediately locked him in a cruel submission move. WWE fans may know this move as the Accolade.

Miro made a statement by winning via submission

Unable to hang on or resist the pain, Kiss tapped out. The strain on the back became even harder to endure as the Bulgarian held on for a good 6 seconds before letting his opponent go.

Miro made his official AEW debut last week at Dynamite, being introduced as the best man for Kip Sabian’s Wedding. Since then, fans have been awaiting his debut. This is solely because we may finally see Miro at his full potential.

As Rusev, he was always pushed down by WWE. His famous ‘Rusev Day’ gimmick was repressed by Vince Mcmahon and other WWE writers. This is the main motivation for Miro’s hate towards his former company.

He was released by WWE earlier this year as part of the budget cuts due to the pandemic. His surprising AEW debut got the company a lot of praise and excitement. AEW may show the world just how talented Miro is, and he won’t let fans down for sure.

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