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For respiratory health tips and more – The New Indian Express

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HYDERABAD:  Did you know that mixing three parts beetroot juice with one part apple juice and a block of ginger can help you maintain your systolic blood pressure? Such practical info nuggets are part of #HealthTipTuesday by Dr. Sindhoora Rawul, a pulmonologist and critical care physician and a Covid specialist who believes that as doctors, it is their duty to spread awareness and share their knowledge about health with the common public.

September 25 is World Lung Day and”It’s hard to get the right medical information from Google alone. When people turn to “Dr. Google” for specific medical advice, they end up diagnosing themselves with things that aren’t real.

I am using social  media to educate patients, especially youngsters, through Instagram besides doing online consultations and webinar with special focus on educating people about respiratory issues.” From breathing techniques to nutritional tips, she has shared ove 70  posts online despite being a full-time doctor and a mom. She and her sister Dr. Apoorva Rawul, also an anaesthesiologist and critical care physician have distributed Covid kits to the needy.  

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