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The transformation of Jacob Batalon from Spider-Man – The List

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Spider-Man: Homecoming was Batalon’s first audition ever, although he didn’t realize it at the time. As Inverse notes, the casting call simply required a supporting character for a Marvel movie who, race, age, and body type aside, could convincingly play a teenager. Batalon put himself on tape, and soon he was summoned to California for screen tests with Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland. Thankfully, the two clicked immediately and even roomed together for a while.

Batalon knew he’d “made it” when, while doing a press tour in South Korea, a fan approached him with a box of discontinued cereal Oreo O’s, which thankfully remained available there even if they weren’t elsewhere. Batalon recalled, “I was genuinely shocked. I hadn’t seen that cereal since I was, like, 7, and they just go, ‘Here, take my cereal.'”

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