Home Health News CDC's ensemble forecast now projects up to 240000 US Covid-19 deaths by Nov. 7 – CNN

CDC's ensemble forecast now projects up to 240000 US Covid-19 deaths by Nov. 7 – CNN

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio expanded on what he said is the “the fight we’re waging against a second wave of coronavirus,” noting that the city is seeing a “plateauing” in test results, though there is “more to do.”

“There does not need to be a second wave in NYC, we can stop a second wave in NY if we act decisively now,” he said. “We are seeing a plateauing now of the test results and that is a very good sign, but much much more to do.”

“A second wave would mean a lot shuts down, we go backwards, no one wants that. So we can stop this once and for all in these areas of Brooklyn and Queens where there’s concern and therefore protect the whole city, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he added.

He said officials are “flooding the zone” with testing.

Test and Trace head Ted Long said in the last two weeks, more than 17,000 tests have been taken in the clusters. Thirty-two new test sites were built out in the clusters, including 18 in the red zones. A large testing site is open today at the Kew Gardens Hills Branch public library.

The city is also partnering with Medicaid plans, which cover 1.2 million New Yorkers on testing outreach, de Blasio said. 

The Mayor said in terms of enforcement, 1700 inspections were done Wednesday, and 25 summons were issued. 

There have been over 18,000 in the last two weeks with a total of 288 summonses issued, including 11 summonses for $15,000.

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