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Moderna coronavirus vaccine may NOT stop transmission admits chief scientist – Daily Express

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The chief medical officer at Moderna, Tal Zaks, said the pharmaceutical company has no data to determine if their vaccine stops people from spreading the deadly pathogen. In trials, it was found the Moderna is 94.5 percent effective at stopping severe illness from coronavirus. Mr Zaks said vaccinated people can still be carriers and spreaders of the virus.

Preventing transmission of the virus was not factored into the vaccine trials of both Pfizer and Moderna.

However, on Monday, data by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, who are producing the Oxford University vaccine, found their jab might prevent viral transmission.

Speaking to Axios, Mr Zaks said: “Our results show that this vaccine can prevent you from being sick, it can prevent you from being severely sick.

“They do not show that this vaccine can prevent you from potentially transiently carrying the virus and infecting others.”

The recent trials by Moderna have no way of showing whether a vaccine can prevent people from infecting others.

Mr Zak said: “When we start the deployment of this vaccine we will not have sufficient concrete data to prove that this vaccine reduces transmission.

“Do I believe that it prevents transmission?

“Absolutely, yes, but I say this because of the science.

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Because viruses can’t create their own energy, they take over a cell’s root machinery and use this to help them replicate.

A virus cannot replicate on its own, so in many ways, they are considered not alive.

This is the primary reason why a virus attaches itself to a host as it is the only way for them to reproduce.

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