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How to wind up 2020 on a healthy note – Tips for better mental, physical health as the year ends – Times Now

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How to wind up 2020 on a healthy note – Tips for better mental, physical health as the year ends&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

New Delhi: With Christmas just around the corner, festivities and celebrations are abuzz. This year was far from anything that we expected it to be, but we sailed through it with confidence and now look forward to embracing the next year in all its glory. One thing that 2020 taught us was to stop taking our health for granted and nurture our body and mind to keep ourselves healthy. On that note, Madhuri Ruia, Nutritionist & Pilates Expert, shares tips on how to wind up 2020 on a healthy note. 

Tips for better mental, physical health as the year ends

Practice Mindful Eating – I truly believe that we are what we eat and by closely paying attention to our food – right from our shopping list to cooking until we consume them a person can lead a healthier lifestyle. Adapting to this practice may take some time, but you can still start small by making changes gradually like making smart swaps.

One of the easiest things to do is to start your day with a fresh glass of lemon juice or lukewarm water along with a handful of almonds. Almonds are a rich source of protein, a nutrient that is not only energy-yielding but also known to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Additionally, almonds are said to provide energy and almonds have satiating properties that promote feelings of fullness, which further may help in keeping your hunger at bay. Besides that, almonds also make for a good snack to munch on through the day as they are loaded with nutrients. 

Stay Active – Physical activity and regular exercise is a major contributor to staying healthy. While constantly working from home, it may get challenging to find time work out or exercise every day but it’s important to ensure you dedicate enough time for your body. As you begin, aim to complete at least 8000-10000 steps in a day and complement that with a 30-minute workout or Zumba or dance session to keep your body active. If practised regularly, in the long run, this will help prevent age-related problems such as high cholesterol, decrease in muscle mass and strength, obesity, and high blood pressure. Moreover, incorporating a regular workout into your daily routine will also help release the happy hormone which will keep you cheerful and energetic through the day.

Connect with yourself – Our day-to-day lives are fast-paced and stressful, and there is a constant struggle to keep up with oneself. But whether you want to find the motivation to work out, or eat healthily, or even to feel more confident or happier in general, the first step is to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. It is important to pamper yourself with skincare routines and have a bright side journal to note down your goals and ambitions. Be it meditation, reading a book, binging a show, or even just sitting in silence – make sure to make time for yourself, as this is quite essential. 

Additionally, Madhuri Ruia suggests, “Celebrate Christmas differently this year by incorporating healthier recipes into your festive spread. Prepare foods that are healthy, and tasty. Being rich in several important nutrients, almonds are also a versatile ingredient, which can be used in many Christmas inspired recipes. Research studies suggest that almonds offer goodness in every bite and are also a powerhouse of nutrition.”


Disclaimer: The article has been authored by Madhuri Ruia, Nutritionist & Pilates Expert. Views expressed are personal. 

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