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How To Lose Weight Well: Chocolate diet plan guide from Channel 4 series! – Reality Titbit – Celebrity TV News

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Channel 4’s weight loss series is back on our screens – and fans want to find out exactly how they can follow the chocolate diet plan.

Dr Helen Lawal and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim help participants test out different diets on How To Lose Weight Well.

Diet plans have included Sirtfood diet, the Mayr Method, intermittent fasting and the fitness challenge diet – but the chocolate diet plan appealed to many viewers with a sweet tooth.

So here’s the exact guide for the chocolate diet plan – read on to follow!

Helen and Javid. Picture: Channel 4

What is the chocolate diet?

The ‘chocolate diet’ means that people can still fit the sweet treat into their day, but in limited amounts – which means eating it in moderation.

It involves eating dark chocolate every day and has been inspired by Dr. Will Clower’s book Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight.


Following his clients losing over 100 pounds on the chocolate diet, he talks about the myth of chocolate being a junk food, claiming it has healthy antioxidants in that can help you lose weight.

The chocolate diet focuses on eating the “good” chocolate to help you stop eating the “bad” chocolate.

The chocolate diet plan: Guide

Dr. Will Clower’s chocolate diet plan takes 8 weeks to complete, and can be specifically followed by reading his book.

The chocolate diet plan aims to reduce your sugar cravings.

Here are the two simple steps you can follow for the diet:

  • Before and after every balanced meal, eat dark chocolate with over 70 percent of cocoa
  • Eat one ounce of solid dark chocolate daily (if it’s 50 percent cocoa, limit it to 1/4 ounce each day)

Viewers react to How to Lose Weight Well

Several Twitter users watching the show have criticised it for “body shaming”, with one person saying the diets are “ridiculous”.

However, some were shocked with the types of diets available, including the chocolate diet – which involves limiting the amount you eat.



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