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Tips for living through change | Health & Wellness Services – CU Boulder Today

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Column 1: Changes

Write down the changes you’re currently experiencing or making in your life. This could include things like remote classes, moving or changing your major. Write each change down on a separate line.

Column 2: Feelings

How do these changes make you feel? Write down all of the feelings you have for each change in column 2. Remember, it’s possible to experience positive and negative emotions at the same time. Try not to judge what emotions come up for you.

Column 3: Behaviors

Once you’ve identified your feelings, consider how your behavior has been affected by these changes. For instance, you may find yourself going for walks more often to get outside or staring blankly at your screen because you’re feeling Zoomed out. Write down all the ways your behaviors or habits have changed in column 3.

Column 4: Positives

Finally, consider the positive aspects of these changes. This can be tricky, but looking on the bright side can help improve your mood and move forward with change in a positive way. For instance, being remote may mean that you get to spend more time with your pets or perhaps you can sleep in longer. Add all the positives, big and small.

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