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Body by Design ready to be part of your 2021 body transformation – Think Local – Castanet.net

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New Year’s resolutions. You either love them, hate them, make them or break them.

There are 365 days in a year, and every day we have the opportunity to change bad habits, live healthier, feel happier and implement positive change in our life. Go easy on yourself, though. If you falter, don’t give up completely and wait another year. Tomorrow is a new start.

After a rough ride this past year, focusing around your health and happiness will help you feel better, look healthier and take a little control over your well-being—no matter what this year brings. You are stronger than you think.

So what can you do? How can you boost your health, improve your mood, love your reflection and make sure this year is a happy one? You already know what to do, but here are a few reminders:
• Drink more water
• Eat more vegetables
• Get more sleep
• Spend time in nature
• Invest in getting back into shape
• Practise mindfulness
• Declutter your home environment
• Read more
• Increase your flexibility
• Reduce (or quit) alcohol
• Take care of your skin
• Try fasting
• And most importantly … turn off the news.

All of the above is easy to preach, and talk is cheap. It takes work and determination. Making small changes goes a long way, consistency is key, and before you know it you will feel and see the shift inside and out.

Negative self-body talk is exhausting. It is no secret when you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside.

When you come into Body by Design you will feel comfortable and meet down to earth people who face the same struggles with no intimidation. Everyone is a work in progress.

“Being able to have a hand in making someone feel more confident is one of the many reasons why I love my job” Body by Design owner and operator Rebekah Klassen says.

Body by Design is dedicated in helping you achieve your body goals, providing holistic solutions in a variety of aesthetic applications such as fat reduction, body sculpting, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and facial contouring.

“A nice byproduct of transforming your body with our treatments is that our customers say they feel more energized, and have enhanced blood circulation, oxygenation, optimal body detoxification and reduced chronic pain,” Rebekah says. “Every side effect is a health benefit.”

So if you are not loving your reflection, Body by Design is ready to help. There are so many options for delivering a healthy looking you that also fits your lifestyle and budget, and Klassen is dedicated to offering affordable services with efficacy, integrity and honesty.

“We are adding some new modalities to our clinic very soon,” Klassen says. “We continue to grow and remain dedicated to offering the most effective technologies available that work and that our customers can actually afford.”

The Body by Design clinic is doing its part to keep the community as safe as possible. It paused all treatments during the last few months, preventing the spread of the virus and putting our customers’ safety first at all costs. The clinic is now slowly accepting new customers and regularly implement disinfecting protocols that kill airborne and surface pathogens on top of stringent disinfecting protocols.

Body by Design accepts only one customer at a time by appointment only.

Castanet and Body by Design have teamed up on a contest, where one lucky winner will receive four sessions of body contouring. Click here to enter.

This article is written by or on behalf of the sponsoring client and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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    June 7, 2021 at 10:02 am

    This was awesome! I would like you to clean up all this spam though


  2. Corine Ambrister

    June 13, 2021 at 2:12 am

    Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a video game where you can do anything you want. SL is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you would like to see more you can see these sl articles and blogs


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